Frequently Asked Questions

Achieve your goals with up to 3x higher probability by simply sharing your goals with your friends with Goalship:

  • Invite people of your choice from your contacts to your destination.
  • Set a time for reaching your goal.
  • You can illustrate your goal with an image.
  • Exchange ideas with your friends in the chat.
  • Enjoy rewards from your friends when you reach the goal.

In addition, your friendships are strengthened when you know each other's current goals and you work together toward them.

Goalship is suitable for anyone who has one or more goals in their life and owns a smartphone. Both children and young people who have school or sports goals, for example, as well as students, professionals or seniors who still want to realize dreams can benefit from Goalship.

The use of Goalship is free of charge.

To register, all you need is your cell phone number and a user name of your choice. However, your friends can find you better if you also enter your real name.

Via the menu item "Goals" (at the bottom in the middle) you can create a new goal with the button "New goal". Add description and date, invite friends (or set it to "public") and optionally add a picture.
After creating your goal, you can find it under the "My" tab in the goals section (bottom navigation menu).

Yes, enable the "public goal" option when creating the goal (or later). The goal will then be visible to all Goalship users under the "Public" tab.

If you have been invited to a goal, you can

  • Promise rewards for reaching the goal
  • give good tips via the chat function
  • add a reaction (emoji)

Even your presence already helps to motivate the goal setter!

Open the goal whose creator you want to reward from your "followed goals". By clicking on the number of rewards or the gift icon you can give new rewards. If you create a brand new reward, it will be saved in your library (in the "Rewards" menu).

Yes, you can promise yourself a reward when you reach your goal. This will boost your motivation

When you share your cell phone contacts, it automatically checks which of your contacts are already using Goalship. You can find them via the "Find friends" button, invite them to Goalship and send friend requests. Those who don't use Goalship yet, you can invite them by clicking the share icon. A pre-written invitation text will appear, which you can modify according to your preferences.

When you create a goal, you can select from all your Goalship contacts the people who can see the goal. If you want to add or remove someone later, use the "Edit Goal" function via the three-dot menu in the Goal's detail view.
When you share your goal publicly, everyone can see it, participate in it, and comment on it.

When someone sees your goal, they can support you. Through good tips, a motivating response, through rewards, or just by participating. Moreover, your friendship is strengthened when you know each other's goals and plans.

The Rewards should be redeemed after the goal has been achieved and should be a nice shared finish to the goal. Since the redemption of the rewards takes place in real life and outside of Goalship, we cannot influence whether this actually happens. When and if a reward is redeemed is up to you.

Yes, in the detail view of a user you will find the option to block this user via the three-dot menu. This user will then be listed as a blocked contact in the friend section (button at the top). Blocked contacts can no longer invite you to goals, not send you goal suggestions, not follow or chat with you anymore.
If you want to add a blocked user to your circle of friends again, you must first unblock them and send them a friend request.

Public goals can be found using the search function. Enter there the appropriate keywords, the name of the creator or directly the identification number of the goal.

Yes. If you want to change a goal or add or remove someone afterwards, use the "Edit goal" function via the three-dot menu in the detail view of the goal.

In the "Friends" menu, select the "Contact groups" button. Here you can create a group of any size from your existing contacts and add them to a goal at any time. Please note that these are not chat groups, but only to facilitate the quick addition of groups of people.

Nothing. You can delete the goal or set the deadline for a later date. Your friends will be happy if you tell them why the goal was not reached.

In the Goals section select the "New Goal" button. Then you can select the "For Others" button, create a new goal suggestion and send it to a person. The recipient can decide whether to accept or reject your suggestion.

Yes, you can activate voice input above the input keyboard by clicking on the microphone symbol.

Lokal updates by swiping the page down or changing the page in the menu. If a developer update is available for the app, it will either be downloaded automatically the next time you open Goalship, depending on your cell phone settings, or you can check your profile settings to see if there is an update and download it.

On this page you find a green chat button (bottom left) where you can contact us. Or by email at the address: contact@goalship.app

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