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What is Goalship?

Goalship is a social network where you can share your personal, professional, cultural, sporting or social goals with others. You decide who gets to see these goals by inviting people from your cell phone contacts: people from your circle of friends or acquaintances, from your family or relatives, from your club or company - or publicly visible for everyone in the Goalship community. Or you can simply use Goalship as a reminder and motivator for yourself...
To achieve your goals, your friends can support you in different ways: Through motivational comments or offers of help in chat, likes and emojis, or promises of rewards for reaching your goals. Of course, you can do all this with your friends' goals, too...
And: The Goalship app is "Made in Germany", is hosted on German servers in accordance with data protection regulations and can be used easily and free of charge by all users!

1. Register and set your goals

Download the Goalship app for free from an app store onto your cell phone and register as a user with your cell phone number. Then you can enter your first goal (or several) with a meaningful title (header) in one of the selection categories and publish it with information, photos, deadline, etc.

2. Share your goals

You can now share your goals with selected friends that you can easily invite to the Goalship community from your cell phone contacts. For each goal, you can structure the invited friends into easy-to-read groups. You can also make goals visible to the entire Goalship community if they are relevant to the general public. Or just enter them as a reminder for yourself ;-)

3. Achieve your goals

Get feedback and motivation for your goals through comments in the chat, through likes or offers of help and look forward to the rewards of your friends for reaching your goal. And then you can celebrate together, which you can simply arrange in the chat of the Goalship app :-)

Screenshots of the main app features

Download Goalship for free from an app store to your cell phone and start the app. Register with your mobile number, set up your personal Goalship app (in English or German) and get started!

Why Goalship?

 Goalship is free and offers many features
 Remind and motivate yourself for your goals
 Increase the chance to achieve your goals
 Achieve your goals faster and with more fun
 Strengthen the bond with your friends
 Keep your family up to date on your plans
 Rejoice together when a goal is reached
 Be happy about the rewards you get and give
 Help make the world a little better through meaningful goals
 Stay informed about what your friends are burning for and participate in their lives

Any questions? Then please visit our FAQ page.

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